Totals for PRO rankings will be based on money won in Sanctioned events.

Sanctioning Your Event


The cost is $30 to have your event Sanctioned by NAPDA.
You DO NOT need a NAPDA membership to enter these tournaments.
Prize money and entry fees would be a total tournament purse of $8,000 and over, with no less than a first place payout of $300.00 for Men and $200.00 for Ladies in Singles 01 or Cricket.
It would be open to all dart players approved by the host.
 Hosted by a Local League as a New Tournament or is an already Existing Tournament and financed by them a Sanctioned event must be seeded by NAPDA and held as a Mens/Ladies Singles (01 or Cricket) event at the tournament. The purpose of the Sanctioned Events is to give players an opportunity to accumulate points towards the NAPDA Rankings.
A playing format of no less than best of 5 minimum in 01 Singles AND Cricket. Semis and Finals can be a best of 7 or 9 or greater (but no less than 5) to be determined by the tournament director.
All monies winners in Mens/Ladies 01 Singles and Cricket Singles will be added to the NAPDA rankings each month.
Dress code is at the discretion of organizers.

Sanctioning PACKAGE

All your information about Snactioning an event can be found here. Please download your Sanctioning Package Here. 

Sanctioning FORM & PAYMENT

1. BY MAIL - Please download and print your Sanctioning Application Form fill in all information and mail to Tournament Entry, 2 Queen St., Langton Ontario  N0E 1G0

ONLINE - Fill in the Online Application Form at: ONLINE Application
AND pay your Sanctioning Fee separately below.
We will verify when we have received your entry fee.

Canadian Sanctioned Event


USA Sanctioned Event


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