NAPDA & NAPDPA Have Merged – Join Now! NAPDA & NAPDPA Have Merged – Join Now! NAPDA & NAPDPA Have Merged – Join Now!

NAPDA Dart Players Association Membership

NAPDA Dart Players Association. Dues are $50 USD or CAD. The membership period runs on a calendar year from January 1 through December 31. Membership must be renewed annually. Dues are not prorated. However, players joining in the last quarter of a calendar year will enjoy membership through the following calendar year and it will be considered as a one year membership. Membership dues are divided 20% ($10) to the NAPDA general account and 80% ($40) to the players association account. The funds retained by the players association account are to ensure the growth and success of the association and the development of other NAPDA events.

NAPDA Members will have these benefits:

–  receive 1 class B stock share in NAPDA for each year they are a member.
 The Class B Stock Share has no cash value but entitles the bearer to a share of any distribution of future profits.
–  NAPDA ranked members will be seeded (minimum 16) for any NAPDA hosted or sanctioned event.
–  have their player profile (provided by the player) placed on NAPDA website.
–  have a direct link from NAPDA website to their website if they have one.
–  have access to NAPDA members section of the website. 

–  receive an annual membership card and patch.
–  enjoy a waiver of all day-member fees, if present, when entering NAPDA hosted or sanctioned events.
–   are eligible and will receive invitations to enter and compete in NAPDA hosted events regardless of participation in other NAPDA sanctioned events.
–  have player representatives elected by the members for providing input into future events hosted and sanctioned by NAPDA.
–  may select a representative on site to observe the draw at any NAPDA hosted event.
–  may also receive discounts on entry fees of selected events such as the PDC Spectacular and the CDC.

You will need Acrobat Reader
Please to download/open PDF Membership Form, printout and mail in with dues.
Membership Fee: USA residents $50USD. Canadian residents $50CDN. All other NA countries $50USD.
Fees cover membership for 1 year commencing January 1st 2014 to December 31st 2014 and thereafter in following years

Join through PayPal, you do not have to have a PayPal account and
Credit Cards are welcome at PayPal.
When joining through PayPal PLEASE ADD PHONE NUMBER


USA & Other North America Countries