NAPDA's NEW 2016 North America SCHEDULE is now online so you can plan what events to attend in U.S.A. and Canada

NAPDA Dart Players Association

NAPDA would like to thank all the players
that represented North America in the UK.

Congratulations from NAPDA in showing us
that North America players can and will in the future
give the best players in the world a run for the title.

Jeff 'Silencer' Smith
Was invited to the 2016 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship
for his fantastic win as a Semi-finalist in 2015.
Jeff defeated Mathew Medhurst 3 sets - 0 in the first round.
The Silencer then defeated Martin Adams 3 sets - 0 to advance to top 8.
Jeff easily desposed of Dennis Harbour 5 sets - 2 and earned a spot into the Semis.
It was a magnificent match that saw Jeff edging Richard Veenstra 6 - 5 in sets.
The Finals were all set with Jeff playing the highly favoured Scott Waites and
he did not dissapoint taking Jeff 7 - 1 in sets and becoming the 2016 Lakesdie Champion.

Darin ' Big Daddy' Young
For his close win over Larry Butler at the
North America PDC event Darin won the spot to represent us at the 2016 William HIll World Dart Championship at the Ally Pally in London.
Terry Jenkins met Darin in the first round
and won 3 sets to 1.

David 'Excalibur' Cameron
Dave was the NDFC BDO
Ranked #1 player in Canada and
earned his spot to play at the BDO
2016 Lakeside World Professional

Darts Championship.
Ted Hankey met Dave and
won 3 sets to 0.

Larry 'The Eagle' Butler
Larry earned his spot to play at the 2016 Lakeside by way of USA BDO NA table.
Larry defeated James Hurrell 3 sets to 2 in
the first round in a very exciting match.
Larry then went on to beat Ryan de Vreede
3 sets to 2 to reach the Top 16.
Larry lost to the number 1 seed
Glen Durrant 4 sets to 0.


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NAPDA NEW 2016 Schedule now online.

The new schedule will be updated with Tournament Flyers when received. If you have
an event that meets the NAPDA criteria please send all information to Dave Holmes.

We will have many new NAPDA Sanctioned Tournaments throughout the year. We
have posted the new CDC tournaments for 2016 and will be adding locations as soon as we know.

NAPDA Player Reps
Robin Curry (2nd Term), Peter Tilley (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018) and Richard Cuerrier (April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017) are your Player Representatives for NAPDA Dart Players Association, they will serve for a period of 2 years. We welcome and look forward to their input and representation of all the members and dart players in North America.
Interview by the Action Dads (Gordon Dixon and DJ Sayre)
with Bob Sinnaeve
talking about
the new NAPDA/DRA Rule Book in North America.
Interview is from 00:36:46 to 00:58:40 on timeline.
To hear the interview click here

Endorsed by:

When you join the NAPDA Team you assist dart players
from North America to reach a Professional level.

Players from these North America countries are eligible to play:
Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama,Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United States



Player's Websites
1 Cali West - U.S.A.
2 Paula Murphy - U.S.A.
3 Robin Curry - U.S.A.
4 Trish Grzesik - Canada
5 Marlise Keil - U.S.A.
6 Brenda Roush - U.S.A.
7 Kim Whaley Hilts - Canada
8 Kay Hoover - U.S.A.
9 Lisa Ayers - .U.S.A.
10 Pam Briggs - U.S.A.
11 Sandy Hudson - U.S.A.
12 Shea Reynolds - U.S.A.
13 Cindy Hayhurst - Canada
14 Stacy Pace - U.S.A.
15 Morgan McCormack - U.S.A.
16 Holly young - U.S.A.
1 Larry Butler - U.SA.
2 Darin Young - U.S.A.
3 DJ Sayre - U.S.A.
4 Leonard Gates - U.S.A.
5 John Part- Canada
6 Bob Sinnaeve - Canada
7 Tom Sawyer - U.S.A.
8 Jeff Smith - Canada
9 David Fatum - U.S.A.
10 Chris White - U.S.A.
11 Martin Tremblay - Canada
12 Jason Brandon - U.S.A.
13 Ralph McCool - U.S.A.
14 Gary Mawson - U.S.A.
15 Dan Lauby Jr. -U.S.A.
16 Jim Widmayer - U.S.A.

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Sanctioned Tournaments 2016
Greater Philadelphia Open
Virginia Beach Pro Singles
Sarantos Retsinas Memorial
April 22- 24th

  Event #1 Sat. May 21st
  Event #2 Sun. May 22nd

  Event #3 Sat. June 11th
  Event #4 Sun. June 12th

  Event #5 Sat. July 9th
  Event #6 Sun. June 10th

  Event #7 Sat. Aug. 13th
  Event #8 Sun. Aug. 14th

• PDC NA World Champion Qualifier
  August 19th - 21st

• NAPDA Ladies Spectacular
  August 20th - 21st
Easy Money Open
  Sept 16 - 18th
• CDC Tour Finals
  Sat. Sept. 24th
   Sun. Sept. 25th


Seacoast Open
  Nov 11 - 13h

Want Your Event to become
a NAPDA Sanctioned
If you would like your 2015 Tournament to become a NAPDA Sanctioned Event (Seeded Players) please contact us with details. The tournament must be a guarantee of $8,000 or higher with a Men's 01 or Cricket Singles payout of minimum $300 for First place, and a Ladies 01 or Cricket Singles payout of minimum $200 for First place or an Open PRO event with a minimum of $300 for First place payout.