Ranked, Sanctioned and PRO events.

How Players Earn their Rank

NAPDA Ladies & Men's North America Order of Merit

The Order of Merit points are based on Steel Tip tournaments with money won in North America Tournaments by North America Dart Players and will be for a 2 year rolling period.

Ranking Structure
The money won in Mens/Ladies Singles 01 and Cricket events with a total tournament purse of $8,000 and over, or at the discretion of NAPDA, and have first place prize money that meets our criteria will qualify. A tournament that meets these criteria will automatically be used for our NAPDA North Ameria Order of Merit. Each player can only use their best 12 finishes per year with a total of 24 for two years. Each player receives one result per tournament (01 or Cricket) towards their total (their highest money win will be used).
The NAPDA ranking system is composed of 512 Men players and 256 Ladies players.

NAPDA Ladies & Men's PRO Rankings

This ranking system will provide a means to recognize the true ability of the player for all of North America. It should provide a means for Pro players to reach a higher level of competition.
Ranking Structure

Ranking a player is based on money won in NAPDA Sanctioned or Pro SEEDED Events in Open 01 or Cricket events for a 2 year rolling period.
The NAPDA Pro Ranking system is composed of money won at Sanctioned events and will count for both the NAPDA Ladies & Men's NAOoM and NAPDA Ladies & Men's Pro Rankings lists.

Approved by the ADO