NAPDA's Mission is to have a Professional Dart Tour with a ranking system for dart players that reside in all of North America.

NAPDA's Goal

To establish a Professional Tour in North America by establishing the only true North America Ranking system through NAPDA Sanctioned Events and to bring darts into the main stream of public awareness as more than a bar room game.

In Europe there has been established a Pro Tour for dart players to compete almost every weekend for prize money of over 20,000 pounds. They have tried to host a number of their events in the USA and Canada but did not utilize the local leagues/clubs to help promote the events. 
NAPDA will sanction events that qualify so it allows not only the top players but the novice and average dart player the opportunity to improve their game. This will be achieved by allowing these players to accumulate NAPDA Ranknig Points through these sanctioned and qualifying tournaments allowing them to compete in North America Pro Events. "You only get better by playing the best."

Your events would be promoted through the local media as well as the NAPDA Twitter, facebook, Blog page and website. When your North America Tournament becomes a NAPDA Sanctioned Tournament you will improve the sport of darts for all players in North America. Promote your tournament now by becoming a NAPDA Sanctioned Event.
We hope with your support the North America Professional Darts Tour will become estabilished and one day will be shown on TSN/ESPN.

For more information about the North America Professional Darts Alliance (NAPDA) please e-mail