Totals for rankings will be based on money won in Ranked events.

NAPDA Ranked Events

Rankings are posted from money won at Steel Tip Events.

Rankings will be accumulated from Mens/Ladies Singles (01 or Cricket) and will be based on a rolling 2 year basis. They will be based on money earned.
NAPDA is open to individuals who have lived in North America for a period of no less then 1 year. There is no age limit for becoming a member and can be male or female.


To allow all darts players an opportunity to acquire NAPDA Rankings and to be recognized as one of the top men or ladies in North America by the darting community. A Total Tournament purse of $8,000 and over, or at the discretion of NAPDA and events that have first place prize money high enough to qualify in Men and Ladies Singles 01 or Cricket. A tournament that meets these criteria will automatically be used for our NAPDA North Ameria Order of Merit - Ladies and Men.


Approved by the ADO